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manufacturer & exporter of AEROSPACE WIRES &


Certified manufacturer & exporter of world-class aerospace wires & cables!

In 1992, as the aerospace and aviation industry had taken off throughout the world, India was still far behind. We were yet to figure out the manufacturing technology that would help us reach and command the skies. The market potential for us as an Aerospace Wires & Cables manufacturer, too, was hazy at best.

That was when Sanghvi Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. (SAPL) came into being as one of the prime Aerospace Wires Manufacturers. We became pioneers in the development and manufacturer of Polyimide insulated wires & cables.


Why Sanghvi is an Industry Leader in the Manufacture of Aircraft wires & cables

We tapped into our knowledge from our past experience of manufacturing tape wrapped Teflon or PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) wire manufacturing. We reimagined the advice we’d received from our clients, users and raw material suppliers. We sought out the best guidance for our test methodology, and understood the acceptance and rejection criteria of approving authorities.

We arrived where no one in India had reached before. Challenging the status quo, all our technology was indigenized. Everything - from our manufacturing process, plants, machinery and test equipment - was developed in India.



All our products are carefully designed and tested to meet the safety and performance standards needed for optimum performance.

Through a uniquely defined organization structure, we have identified and created strategies, work instructions, and record keeping methodologies for each task required in the manufacturing process. Our Polyimide lacquered enameled Copper wires, for instance, are the highest temperature rated wires with excellent electrical, mechanical and thermal


With our footprint spread across Indian aviation, we have been able to meet its unique challenges with our forward-looking R&D initiatives. Our products include all the aircraft wires & cable solutions you might need - from Mil-Spec Wires & Cable, to Flight Critical Wires & Cable, to Airframe and Aircraft Equipment Wires & Cable.



Today, Sanghvi Aerospace is an AS 9100 and ISO 9001 accredited company. We have diverse clientele, which spans the Aerospace Industry, the Aviation Industry, Defence and R&D Units, Government Departments, Organizations, PSUs and the Private Sector.

Sanghvi Aerospace is proud to have been approved by ISRO, CEMILAC, DGCA and LCSO. We follow certifications of authority, such as the MIL or AS Standard, the Russian Tu Standard and the European Standard, British Standards among many others.