About Us

Sanghvi Aerospace

Sanghvi Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. (SAPL) pioneered the development and manufacturer of Polyimide insulated wires & cables for aerospace and aviation industry in 1992. The market potential was hazy. More so, the manufacturing technology was not available in India at that time. We developed these products, with our past experience of tape wrapped PTFE (Teflon) wire manufacturing, processing advise by raw material suppliers, requirements from users, guidance for test methodology & accept/ reject criteria by approving authority. The entire technology is indigenized including the manufacturing process, plant & machinery and test equipment.

SAPL is AS 9100 and ISO 9001 accredited company.

Our manufactured wires have been used in India’s prestigious space program of :

  • (1) Interplanetary vehicles : MOON EXPLORER (Chandra Yaan), MARS ORBITOR (Mangal Yaan);
  • (3) Launch vehicles series : ASLV, PSLV & GSLV.
  • (4) Space R & D programs : GAGAN, Disaster Management System, MSS, Bhuvan etc.

The Indian aviation industry also used our wire & cable in :

  • (1) Aircraft : LCA-Tejas, IJT-36, HTT-40, Jaguar, Dornier-228, AN-32, HS-748, MI, Sukhoi Su-30, HAWK, upgradation of MiG etc.
  • (2) Helicopter : Cheetah, Chetak, ALH (Dhruv & Rudra), LCH, LUH, Seaking, etc.
  • (3) The maintenance/ overhauling of aircraft & Helicopter of Indian Air Force & Indian Navy.
  • (4) Unmanned Aero Vehicle (UAV) : Lakshya, Nishant, Pushpak etc.

Our efforts enabled us to create R&D setup to meet the challenges of Indian aerospace industry. We have unique defined organization structure. We have identified work instructions, and record keeping methodology for each task. Our Customers are highly satisfied with our repeatable and reliable quality products.

Our activities in this field have been proactive. We design, develop and manufacture varieties of wire and cable with same or better performing configuration in accordance with

  • (a) MIL or AS Standard : 81381 / 22759 / 25038 / 27500 / 5846 / 81044 etc.
  • (b) Russian Tu Standard for PTL, BIN, BPDO, BPVL, BPVLM, BIF, BIFM, BFS, MGSHV, MGTFL, MS 16/26/36-P, MS 16/26/36-13/33 etc.
  • (c) European Standard (Britain/ Germany/ French etc.) : Def Stan 61-12, SL5852, KP260, PANAVIA-6011/2/3, NYVIN, BS 3G210, WES 0060 to 0065, DOLN and equivalent to Filotex/Nexan/Draka type.

We also manufacture the Polyimide lacquered enameled Copper winding wire (Magnet) as per NEMA : MW : 1000 : 16C. It is highest thermally rated (240 0C) and have excellent electrical/ mechanical & thermal properties. We also supply Litz wire using this Magnet wire.

Our products are approved by concerned authorities ISRO, CEMILAC, DGCA, LCSO etc.

We have established 100% in-house test lab to conduct Lot / Product Acceptance Tests & Qualification / Type Approval tests of wire & cable as per applicable international standards.