Mil-Spec Wire and Cable

Manufactured according to military specifications, Mil-Spec Wires & Cables can be used for both military and non-military uses. For us at Sanghvi Aerospace, it is a matter of pride to be able to provide Mil-Spec Wire & Cable solutions of the best possible standards.

As a high-quality Mil-Spec Wire & Cable manufacturer, Sanghvi caters to both military and non-military applications with an equal focus on quality and efficiency. Commercial wires and cables are unable to withstand extreme and harsh environments. Our Mil-Spec products are designed for seamless application in extreme temperature, high-pressure and multiple frequency environments. Their military-grade applications range from use in submarine or shipboard systems, weaponry, propulsion as well as sensor and automation systems.

For non-military applications, they are an ideal solution for heavy-duty vehicles, satellites, airframes and antennas as well as complex electrical systems. Our products are highly standardized, and specifically designed to meet the needs of advanced aerospace systems. All our raw materials are carefully vetted and then developed using the best processing technology. With decades of experience behind us, we have perfected the highly specialized needs of such products, and will be able to meet your needs in a timely manner within your budget.

Sr. No. Product name Specification Detailed spec sheet Approvals
1 Polyimide ( Kapton ) (R) Insulated Wire MIL-DTL-81381 /7,/8,/9,/10,/11,/12,/13,/14,/17,/18,/19,/20,/21,/22 ISRO, CEMILAC
Polyimide ( Kapton ) (R) Insulated Cable MIL-DTL-27500 MR,MS,MT,MV,MW,MY,NA,NB,NE,NF,NG,NH,NK,NL
2 Polyimide and PTFE ( Composite ) Insulated Wire MIL-DTL-22759 /80A,/81A,/82A, /83A,/84A, /85A,/86A,/87A,/88A,/89A,/90A,/91A,/92A CEMILAC, DGCA
Cables of Polyimide and PTFE ( Composite ) Insulated Core Wire MIL-DTL-27500 WB, WC,WE,WF,WG,WH,WJ,WK,WL,WM,WN,WP,WR
3 Fire Resistant, Flight Critical Wire MIL-DTL-25038 /1, /3 & Filotex 1100,1200,3000, 3100 CEMILAC, DGCA
Fire Resistant, Flight Critical Cable MIL-DTL-27500 JA,JF
4 Thermocouple Extension Cable MIL-W-5846, BS All items of J, K, T, E & N type CEMILAC, DGCA
Quality, Technology and Workmanship

Right from our precise measurements of physical dimensions, to keeping a close check on workmanship standards and monitoring all aspects from insulation thickness to mechanical and conductor tests, we strive for optimal quality. We have been recognized time and time again for our on-time delivery performance and competitive pricing. Our innovative design, process management and continual efforts towards improvement meets the highest inter-national standards. We are compliant with ISO 9001:2015 as well as AS 9100C.

Our diverse clientele is testimony to the quality and application of our Mil-Spec products. Our clients include government departments such as the Department of Defense (Indian Na-vy and the Indian Air Force) and the Department of Space, PSUs like BEL and BHEL, Space In-dustries (ISRO), Defence research and development organizations as well as the Private Sec-tor.