Metallic Braids

Tubular Braid for the Electrical Screening of Wire Bundles


The electrical harness / loom fabricated sometimes requires to provide electrical shield for low noise transmission of electrical signals. SAPL manufactures varieties of braid for this purpose. It is supplied with or without flexible plastic former to facilitate application and use. It retain round shape. The diameter ranges from 3 mm to 40 mm to choose from available standard sizes. The conductor finish could be Silver / Nickel / Tin depending on its usage in different temperature environment. These are compatible with standard connectors. Any custom made size can be supplied.

P/N Size Range (mm) % shield Coverage Types of Coating
SATB90 3 to 30 90% Tin plated Copper
SATB101 3 to 40 93% Tin plated Copper
SATB102 3 to 40 93% Silver plated Copper
SATB103 3 to 40 93% Nickel plated Copper

Bonding Braid / Jumper Assembly (As per MS 25083-2 &-7)

Bonding braid (Jumper Assembly) a mainly for grounding of electrical connection or thermal management of system. It reduces the effects of electromagnetic interference and protecting against electrostatic discharge. SAPL jumper assemblies are tailored/ engineered to comply MIL or international Standard requirement. We manufacture Bonding Braid / Jumper Assembly as per MS 25083-2 &-7.

What One Need to Know When ordering: Be sure to provide the following requirements for Bare Braid and Tinned Ferrules: