SAPL has Wire & Cable Design approval from CEMILAC since 2005. We have designed and developed varieties of wire & cable with relevant approval for specified end use. It can be seen from our Vast Product Range. We have designed and manufactured Custom made Processing Machines and test equipment for this specific application as per applicable MIL/ Russian/ British/ German Standard to conduct product qualification and lot acceptance test. All R&D records are maintained. It is then translated into Process Identification Document (PID) and Work Instruction (WI) for step by step manufacturing and testing.

Behind every great success, there is a team of people harnessed with special talents, expertise, vision, drive and commitment. Sanghvi Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. Is a prime example. The team is led by highly qualified technocrats, with over several decades of hands-on experience among them.

Over the years, they have created and nurtured an outstanding talent pool of techno-managers in the company specialized in planning, product design & development, production, quality assurance, testing We have team for, techno-counseling and customer relationships.